Aquarian Hi-Performance Snare Side/Bottom/Resonant Drumhead *Choose Size*

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Aquarian Hi-Performance Snare Side/Bottom/Resonant Drumhead - Choose Your Size Above

The Aquarian Hi-Performance Snare Bottom features a reinforced area to stop punctures caused by snare wires. This is a versatile and well balanced snare side resonant drumhead.

Aquarian’s Hi-Performance Snare Bottom resonant drumhead is made with a single ply of clear 3mil film. This head also features a special reinforcement material, designed to stop damage caused by high tension snare wires. 3mil is the “standard” thickness for most snare side drumheads… If you’re replacing the resonant head that came with your kit, it’s most likely 3mil. Generally, this is the sweet spot between providing good depth and body to the sound, while also allowing for good snare wire response. The reinforced area is useful if you like tight snare wires, or if you throw them on and off frequently. The areas where the ends of the wires contact the resonant head are usually the most vulnerable part of the drumhead, so this is a welcome addition for extra durability.

The Hi-Performance Snare Bottom is very similar in sound and responsiveness to the Aquarian Classic Clear Snare Bottom. This is a versatile resonant snare drum head, providing sensitivity for lower and medium volume playing, while also being able to handle heavier hitting. This resonant drumhead gives a nice fullness to your snare drum sound… While thinner resonant heads are more sensitive, they can sometimes sound hollow and lack body. The Hi-Performance Snare Bottom is also great for general studio recording. Lighter snare drum articulations come through clearly, and have good definition.

Sound-wise, the Aquarian Hi-Performance Snare Bottom is on the bright side of balanced, with a slight focus on mid-range and higher frequencies. The single ply of 3mil film gives a moderate sustain and a fairly open tone. This drumhead adds clarity to each snare stroke, with a crisp snare snap and good definition. The snare response is clear, and noticeable with both drumsticks and brushes.

For a good all-round snare side drumhead with added durability, the Aquarian Hi-Performance Snare Bottom is a great choice.

Note: This is a resonant snare drum head, designed to be used on the resonant side (bottom) of the snare drum. Do not use this as a batter (top) head, as it will damage very easily due to the very thin ply.

From Aquarian:

The Hi-Performance Snare Bottom is a crystal clear, ultra-thin (3mil) single ply snare side drumhead with an added strip of protective material that is positioned under the head where the ends of the snares rest. The snare safety strips help to prevent head tears due to broken snare wires. Aquarian's "Sound Curve" collar design allows the bearing edge to find its own spot in the curve and helps make snare drum tuning fast and easy.

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