Aquarian Performance II 2-Ply Clear Drumhead *Choose Size*

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Aquarian Performance II 2-Ply Clear Drumhead - Select Your Size Above

Available Sizes: 6", 8", 10" 12" 13" 14" 15" 16" 18", 18" Bass Drum, 20" Bass Drum, 22" Bass Drum, 24" Bass Drum, 26" Bass Drum, 28" Bass Drum

The Aquarian Performance 2 Clear is a fat sounding drumhead. An extra boost to the midrange and low-end gives you a deep sound without the overtones.

The Aquarian Performance 2 Clear is built with two plies of clear 7mil film, combined with an outer control ring and sealed edges. The control ring and sealed edges give a highly focused sound, meaning the Performance 2 Clear produces a big punchy attack, without the overtones. The control ring and sealed edges help to keep the sustain short, and the tone focused on the fundamental note. Sound-wise, this head has a brighter initial attack, before giving way to a short and warm sustain.

The Aquarian Performance 2 Clear is great for a thick 70’s rock sound. This clear version is better suited to very high volumes compared to the Coated Aquarian Performance 2… The brighter attack is able to cut through loud environments very well. The two 7mil plies help to increase the durability of this drumhead, allowing you to lay into it with some harder hitting when needed. The strong attack and good durability make the Aquarian Performance 2 Clear a great drumhead for loud drumming in medium and high volume live situations. Note, however, that the thicker design of this drumhead means it may not be sensitive enough for very quiet playing.

Tuned low, the Aquarian Performance 2 Clear has a short deep thud with good stick attack. Tuned up higher, there is more tone and character, although overtones and sustain are still kept low. This head is fairly easy to tune, making it a good option for difficult to tune drums.

If you’re looking for a controlled drumhead for louder situations, The Aquarian Performance 2 Clear is a great choice.

From Aquarian:

The Performance II is a two ply head manufactured with Aquarian's Vacuum Tuned Process which eliminates air bubbles and wrinkles between the two plies. The two 7mil plies are only sealed at the edges which tame unwanted overtones and puts a focus the low frequencies. The PFII is designed for loose tuning to deliver that low, fat, punchy tom-tom sound that were a big part of classic rock and roll records. Frequency control that adds focused power is built right into this head. The PFII is a great head to use to upgrade the sound of low priced kits.

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