Aquarian Response 2 Clear 2-Ply Drumhead *Choose Size*

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Aquarian Response 2 Clear 2 Ply Drumhead - Select Your Size Above

Available Sizes: 6", 8", 10" 12" 13" 14" 15" 16" 18", 18" Bass Drum, 20" Bass Drum, 22" Bass Drum, 24" Bass Drum, 26" Bass Drum

The Aquarian Response 2 Clear is a well balanced drumhead with a strong attack, moderate sustain, and good durability. This head has a slightly focused sound, but will still allow your drums to resonate well.

The Aquarian Response 2 Clear is made with two plies of 7mil clear film. This drumhead performs well across many situations, although really shines at medium and high volume levels. The Response 2 Clear has no added dampening or control, allowing it to keep a fairly open sound with a moderate sustain.

At medium and high volume drumming, the Aquarian Response 2 Clear performs very well… The clear plies give a big bright attack that cuts through. The bright attack of the Response 2 Clear is followed by a balanced and moderate sustain. Overtones are present, but the the 2-ply construction helps to keep them from ringing out of control. This drumhead has a more focused sound when hit in the centre, and some colourful tones when hit closer to the edge. if you need extra overtone control, add some dampening (for greater focus to the overall sound.)

The 2-ply design of the Aquarian Response 2 means you can hit harder to get a big sound when needed; this is a durable drumhead that can hold up well to long-term heavier use. For loud live environments, the Aquarian Response 2 Clear can give enough attack and projection to be heard. At lower volumes, this drumhead performs relatively well, although the thicker design means it is not sensitive enough for very light playing. 

Tip: If you’re an extremely heavy hitter and need even more durability, Aquarian also make the Response 2 Clear with Power Dot. This version has a reinforced centre area, for added strength under long-term heavy hitting.

For a durable, projecting sound that doesn’t choke your drums, the Aquarian Response 2 Clear is a great choice. These drumheads can handle heavier hitting when needed, and provide good cutting attack for louder environments.

From Aquarian:

The Aquarian Response 2 is a two-ply head manufactured with Aquarian's multi-ply vacuum tuned process that eliminates air bubbles and wrinkles from between the two 7mil plies.

Our most versatile two ply head, the Response 2b series delivers a full sound with great attack and consistent tone from drum to drum. The RSP2 can be tensioned tight or loose and has a clean, open sound with an articulate attack. This series works great in all musical situations and is designed for drummers who play it all.

Available in clear and white or black coated versions with an optional power dot for more focus and durability.

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