Cables 30 Metre Multicore 24 Send 8 Return

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Need a strong, reliable multicore/stagebox with plenty of returns? You've found it!

This high quality multicore solution from Maximum Cables is built for professional use, yet priced low enough that you can actually afford it...

Because it's aimed at professionals it's made from top quality, proven cable. The stagebox is built from heavy duty steel and uses ultra reliable connectors that won't break like others in this price range. 

Featuring 24 sends, this multicore is perfect for when you need a sensible number of inputs routed from the stage to your console. 

It's balanced cores provide you with the noise and interference free audio you need, where you need it. And with it's 8 returns, you can route audio to your FOH speakers and have plenty left over for aux fed subs, multiple sends of stage monitors or whatever else you may need!

Pro Tip: Got some spare sends but need more returns? Use a gender change adaptor on each end - simple!

At 30 metres long, it's a great medium length that is easily moved, set up and packed down. No point struggling with something longer and heavier than you need...


  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Steel Stagebox
  • 30 Metres Long
  • 24 Sends
  • 8 Returns
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