Denon X1850 PRIME Professional 4 Channel DJ Mixer with FX and Serato Capability

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Expected release date is 15th Apr 2020

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Command the Club with This Versatile DJ Mixer

The Denon DJ X1850 PRIME 4 Channel DJ mixer is ready for duty in any club application, combining a top-quality 24-bit / 96 kHz USB audio interface with loads of connectivity options, 16 built-in effects, MIDI sync for external instruments, and much more.

A five-port LAN hub is built in and ready for SC media players, as well as syncing your lighting and video via StagelinQ — super convenient.

DJ hand-offs are easy and smooth thanks to dual USB ports, and a slew of analogue and digital inputs are available to accommodate practically any signal flow.

Whether you're an in-demand DJ or a club owner, the Denon DJ X1850 Prime DJ mixer is ready to perform.


  • Club-grade 4-channel digital DJ mixer with extensive analog and digital I/O
  • 24-bit/96 kHz digital processing and I/O delivers studio-grade audio
  • BPM FX section with FX Quantize control makes it easy to build up effects-laden transitions
  • 3-band channel EQs include Classic or Isolation modes for maximum flexibility
  • Denon DJ Flex-fader delivers smooth and effortless crossfading
  • Adjustable fader curves and Fader Start functions available for all faders
  • Connect 2 computers at once via dual-assignable USB ports for easy changeovers
  • Dedicated Sweep FX and BPM FX knobs on each channel make adding effects easy
  • Microphone inputs include 2-band EQs and Talk Over ducking effect
  • Easy-to-read OLED screen makes precision control easy, even in dark clubs
  • 5-port LAN hub lets you network four compatible devices together
  • Built tough enough to hold up to brutal club environments

The versatility working DJ's need

There are two great reasons to pick up a Denon DJ X1850 PRIME 4-channel DJ mixer: you're a club owner, or you demand the best possible sound from your DJ rig.

Either way, you're not going to be disappointed.

We're talking about all the I/O you could ask for, from phono to digital. You can assign the X1850 PRIME's two USB ports independently to each channel, which lets you set up smooth hand-offs between DJ's — a real bonus for any club mixer.

Want effects?

You've got effects to spare, with Sweep FX controls for each channel, and an FX Quantize control that makes it easy to dial in time-synced effects. A ribbon controller even lets you manipulate time divisions on the fly, which is excellent for setting up transitions.

Superior sound sculpting and hands-on control

When it comes to basic mixing, you have to love the dual-mode, 3-band EQ's. Choose Classic mode for traditional melodic frequency bands or Isolation mode for total band kills, which offers a fun way to mix tracks together.

There's a highpass / lowpass resonant filter on each channel as well.

DJ's love Denon DJ's Flex-Fader crossfader, and the X1850 PRIME includes continuously variable crossfader and channel fader curves as well as Fader Start functions.

Versatile connectivity options

If you take a closer look at the I/O, then you'll see why the X1850 PRIME is such a force to be reckoned with.

All four stereo input channels offer phono, line, and even S/PDIF inputs. While we're at it, take note of the balanced main outs, stereo send/return loop, and other routing options.

Seriously, the X1850 PRIME has all your connections covered.

There's even a 5-port Ethernet hub, which lets you link up to four systems, or even sync your video and lighting show via the ShowlinQ Event protocol.

Finally, there's the fact that the Denon DJ DJ X1850 Prime mixer is freakishly tough, thanks to all-metal construction.

Pro-Mix Centerpiece for Creative DJ's

4-Channel Digital Mixer with Multi-Assignable Inputs and Pro DJ FX

Familiar Layout, Superior Performance

With a rugged metal construction, the X1850 is a 'mixing comfort-zone' for any DJ.

It has 4-channels with multi-assignable inputs, covering every gig performance need.

A 'high-visibility', 3-band EQ section offers both 'normal' and expressive 'isolation' modes. Smooth line and crossfader control handles all Pro-DJ mixing styles.

Mainstage Connectivity Ready

Multi I/O, 24-bit/96 kHz Prograde audio connectivity is just the start!

The X1850 PRIME has a built-in LAN hub for connecting up to four 'SC' media players, carrying tempo information, ultra-fast music file transfer and StagelinQ audio visual connections.

A 5-Pin MIDI out to start/sync external gear brings even more performance flexibility.


The Heart of Your Mix

Line, Phono, Digital, USB or DVS – select your channel input and let the mix flow with 4 smooth, contour controlled line faders plus 'flex-fader' style crossfader.


Crisp OLED Screen

Customise X1850 DJ workflow and performance settings plus access, adjust and edit 16 expressive Pro Club FX.

Dual USB Audio Connections

Experience fast, uninterrupted DJ 'hand-offs', connect to DJ software and record multi-channel audio to laptops.

Dual Mics + Flexible Monitoring

No sacrifice of line faders with 2 independent, EQ/level controlled microphone channels with 'talkover'. Get Split/Cue headphone monitoring with 1/4" jack plus mini jack inputs.

Expressive Filter & Sweep FX

Dedicated Sweep FX, access 4 dynamic, 'left/right variant' controlled effects. Simultaneously manipulate lo/hi pass Filters on each channel, colouring with adjustable resonance control.


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