Multicores and Stageboxes carry all your inputs on separate cables that are bundled together into a single large snake, from the stage to the FOH or Monitor position - where they then fan back out into multiple XLR or jack connectors.

Digital Stageboxes are a little different, these are used with digital mixing consoles and most only require a single cat5e cable to carry a huge amount of inputs and returns - but essentially, they do the same thing.

These both allow you to neatly and easily route all your different signal sources to your console.

Most standard multicores also have some returns, usually enough so you can send signal back down the snake and into the stagebox, then out into FOH speakers, stage monitors, processors - whatever it is you need.

We have a massive range of digital stage boxes and analogue multicores with channel counts and lengths to suit anybody, all at the Lowest Price Guaranteed!