Xtreme MSD93 Stand Mountable Drink Holder

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We've all had this problem at some point... Where can I put my drink??

Here's the solution - the Xtreme MSD93 Drink Holder.

This genius product securely attaches to any microphone stand, drum stand, even instrument stands. In fact, it will attach to any stand or pole up to 30mm in diameter!

No more putting your drink on the floor, just to kick it over.

You no longer need to put your drink on your expensive amp either!

Drummers will also love attaching this to one of their stands to keep their drink within reach. 

With the Xtreme MSD93 Drink Holder, you just attach it to any stand you like - at whatever height you like - and you're all set to go. 

Here's the best part - the MSD93 is ALL STEEL - This thing is built to last!

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